Where to see Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

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April 28th is considered as the Official day of Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm! Yes you read that right. Here in this article, we will uncover some of the best places to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Stockholm.

Usually you can expect the pretty pink blooms from April to early May. Though this country is not popular as Japan for its cherry blossoms, there are some great places to see the blooms and surely becomes one of things to do in Stockholm during spring season.


Sweden’s most famous cherry trees are found right in the centre of the capital city of Stockholm at the park known as Kungsträdgården or The King’s Garden. It is one of the most popular parks in Stockholm with the biggest display of soft pink cherry blossoms. Also an annual Japanese festival takes place every year at the end of April known as the Cherry Blossom day celebrated in association with the Japanese Government.

Over here, there are two cherry tree lined walkways on either side of a square with fountains. Since it is located right in the centre, it is the most popular place for locals and tourist to flock here for some memorable photographs under the beautiful pink blooms. There are also cafes and restaurants nearby to enjoy some relaxing time and fika!

Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm
Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

Luma Park

Kungsträdgården is not the only place in Stockholm where you can see the Cherry Blossoms. There are around 50 beautiful trees planted at Luma Park, which is located southeast of the city centre in Hammarby Sjöstad. There are ferry links from the city centre making it easy to reach or you can use the Luma Tvärbanan.

Bysistorget, Hornsgatan

Bysistorget completely transforms during the cherry blossom season. It is a small place featuring a large row of bonsai trees and surrounding area are filled with cafes, shops and restaurants.

Additional Info on Cherry Blossoms

Best time to see the Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

The best time to see the cherry blossoms would be around late March to April end. The best time to visit would be on the 28th April as it is the official day of cherry blossom in Stockholm. But do keep in mind that as per weather changes the blooming period might change.

Things to do in Stockholm

The historic and capital city of Sweden offers a great list of experiences for travellers either for a short city break or a longer relaxing trip. From walking tours, many museums, exploring the Gamla Stan, Old Town or River cruises and visiting the grand Palaces or the city canals, there are many things to do in Stockholm. Read more about them in our other blog.

More information on Cherry Blossom Festival

Kungsträdgården hosts the annual Cherry Blossom Festival during the blooming season with lots of cultural activities such as Geiko Mai dance, Bunraku puppet theatre and Taisho-koto Japanese traditional music. There are also plenty options of food and art where you can completely immerse yourself in the Japanese culture as you enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Stockholm.

Tours & Activities in Stockholm

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