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About Specialduo

Specialduo Explores is all about the adventures and experiences we share when exploring beautiful locations around the world, trying different cuisines, showcasing our fashion choices, sharing travel tips & hacks, photography and so much more!

We want to inspire people to have their own adventures and explore this beautiful world!

We are currently based in the United Kingdom after previously lived in Mumbai and Singapore.

How do we manage to travel with our desk 9-5 job, well we both love to explore (of course!) and we try to travel as much as possible which gives the best value to us within our budget and our annual leaves!

Come join us as we explore…

Who We Are

Puja Specialduo Explores About Us
Puja Pathak

“I love to travel and of course pose for photos. My love for travelling was inherited from my parents and now I get to explore and experience more with Shoubhik. Welcome to our site and hope we inspire you to travel too!"

Shoubhik Pande SpecialduoExplores About Us
Shoubhik Pande

“I love nature and love to travel and explore. Also an avid photographer and like to take pictures wherever I go. Together with Puja, we've try to explore London and beyond as much as possible and are ready to share our experiences with you.”

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