Candlelight Concerts – Complete Guide & 5 Best Reasons to Visit

Surround yourself in glow of thousands of candle lights and immerse in the magical musical atmosphere of Candlelight Concerts! This magical experience will surely make a lasting memory for all its visitors and definitely makes it a visit of a lifetime. You might have seen many photos and videos of these concerts, but here we will highlight the top reasons for you to visit the Candlelight concerts.

These Candlelight concerts has been attended by over 3 million+ people and are present all over the world across different 100+ cities from New York, London, Paris, Milan, Singapore, Amsterdam, Barcelona and so many more. You can discover the concerts at your city and make a plan for a lifetime magical experience or a romantic date night idea! Whichever city it maybe the overall essence, magic and the reasons to visit the Candlelight concerts remain the same.

1. The Ambience

These concerts are held at multiple cities at their most attractive and unique locations surrounded by thousands of candles on stage and the talented musicians makes it a great sight making it one the best reasons to visit. Some of the best locations in city like London include Southwark Cathedral, Central Hall Westminster and Glaziers Hall.

2. Listen to your Favourite Composers

The Candlelight concerts are compromised of range of your favourite composers and started out with classical music masterpieces. There are tributes to legendary artists old and new like Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel and so many more to choose from. Their works are timeless classics and even though composed a long time ago, these candlelight concerts truly thrill the spectators even today!

Minoritenkirche_Vienna_Austria_Candlelight Concerts

3. Talented Musicians

Candlelight Concerts are performed by skilled and talented musicians who have had great amount of training and practice and the instruments range from violins to pianos! They perform with great passion and dedication. Sometimes the musicians even talk between songs with the audience and share facts, insights and anecdotes related to the songs. This makes it a complete entertaining and learning experience at the same time through this concerts

4. Range of Music Genres & Programs

There are range of programs available from Candlelight catering to all genres of music. There are options from the classical choice of Mozart and Vivaldi to newer artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Imagine Dragons and Coldplay. You can also hear classics from film composers such as Hans Zimmer and Joe Hisaishi. If you like Rock genre, then concerts tributes to Queen or Radiohead are your options.

Currently there are concerts which include Ballet dancers as well!

Ballet at Candlelight Concert

5. Great Reviews & Ticket Prices

Candlelight Concerts have gotten great reviews from all across the world and are suited for everyone. These concerts are suited for everyone as it caters to all different kind of music genres and artists. You will find tickets to all kinds of concerts based on seating area and proximity to the musicians. Surely attending these once in a lifetime experience of live music performance must be on your list and all this makes the ticket prices look like a steal! And yes the tickets are completely affordable and surely you need to treat yourself or pamper your loved ones!

Extra Tips:
– Opt for a show later in the day as it gets way more magical with the glow of the LED candles.
– No Doubt the front row seats are the best with the best view and closeness to the musicians. Definitely worth it as the tickets are always affordable for everyone.

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