Amazing Stockholm Metro stations to Visit

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The metro network of Stockholm is regarded as longest art gallery with over 90 metro stations filled with some amazing artworks by around 150 artists. Here we showcase some of the amazing Stockholm metro stations that we have come across during our visit to the capital city of Sweden.

Here are some of the best stations that we managed to visit for Stockholm’s metro art. If you are in Stockholm only for a short duration then this below list can be easily covered during your visit with a single 75-minute subway ticket. You can easily spend roughly 10 minutes at these each of these stations before moving on to the next one. We will also provide additional list of the Stockholm metro stations.

1. T-Centralen Station

This stations can be considered as centre of all metro connections in Stockholm and also the first station to feature an artwork. It is surely the busiest station and you will have to go down some floors to the Blue line to watch the artwork. Here you will find the beautiful work of Per Olof Ultvedt with whitewashed walls covered in blue patterned leaves on the ceiling.

2. Rådhuset

This station is located on the blue line but painted in deep red/pink colour by the artist Sigvard Olsson. It is inspired from the shade of pink colour found within the Atlas mountains of Northern Africa. This station art closely resembles the one at Solna Centrum station.

Stockholm metro stations radhuset

3. Stadion Station

The station is one of Stockholm’s first cave stations built in 1973. This station has the beautiful rainbow colours painted on its blue cave walls by artists Ake Pallarp and Enno Hallek to remind the passengers of Stadion’s significance in sports history. You will surely love clicking many photos here and is our favourite metro station in Stockholm. It is around 10 minutes from T-Centralen station.

Stadion Metro Station

4. Kungsträdgården

Kungsträdgården Stockholm Metro Station

Also on the Blue line and few minutes from T-Centralen, Kungsträdgården has some mix of chequered floors, green, white and red colour scheme with many sculptures giving a retro feeling all around. It is also one of most photographed metro station in Stockholm and situated in the middle of downtown Stockholm. From here, it is very close to many attractions including Gamla Stan and Archipelago Sightseeing Cruise departure points.

5. Odenplan

This station was completed in 2017 and also directly connects to T-Centralen. Here you can witness on the eye-catching pieces called the ‘Life Line’ hanging down from the ceiling which are basically 400m fluorescent white LED-lights across the tunnels by artist David Svensson. The shape of the lights are inspired by the heartbeats of the artist’s son as on the CTG-monitor during the childbirth.

More Stockholm Metro Stations to discover

Surely the above metro stations are only a glimpse of the other beautiful artworks of Stockholm metro stations. You can buy a 24- or 48-hour pass to enjoy all the artwork of these stations as you tour and explore the capital city of Sweden as per your length of stay.

The best time to go is either super early in the morning, middle of the date or late night on weekdays primarily to avoid peak timings and weekend crowd. Also it is helpful to know that the metro system is all under Zone A, so there is no worry about complex metro zones and rules with your travel and tickets.
Below are more such stations which you can add to your list while visiting Stockholm.

  • Solna Centrum
  • Thorildsplan
  • Tensta
  • Stadshagen
  • Östermalmstorg
  • Tekniska Högskolan

Exploring these metro art stations as gone on to become one of the top things to do in Stockholm. You can either cover this yourself or plan to go on a Guided Metro Art Walk with a Local Guide.

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